About Us


  • Muslims in every locality in North America have witnessed many people revert to Islam especially during the last few decades. They have faced various challenges as new Muslims, including being marginalized from Muslim communities, causing some to eventually leaving the faith.
  • It is the responsibility of Muslims in the society to provide support and strength to “Muallaf” (terminology used in the Qur’an 9:60 for brothers/sisters who are still new to the teaching of Islam) in the form of learning, moral, social, and financial support — so they can learn, grow, and integrate into our big Muslim family.
  • The New Muslims Circle is a collaborative joint project by Indonesian and Malaysian Muslim Diaspora in North America as a part of our contribution to help resolve these challenges. We try to accomplish this by developing a comprehensive and sustainable system to support our new Muslims insha Allah.


    To Engage, inspire, and empower New Muslims in every locality in North America by providing learning, financial, and social supports through study circle, mentorship, counseling, and assistance.
    To be a center of learning and support for New Muslims in North America.


  • Mentorship – assisted by licensed mentors who can share useful knowledge and experience.
  • Comprehensive – not partial that can cause misunderstanding, or not judgmental to other mainstream interpretations, i.e. respecting all schools of thoughts.
  • Moderate – balanced, not deviating to either extremes, e.g. too liberal, or too strict in the interpretation and implementation of Islam.
  • Rahmatan lil ‘alamin – educating Muslims to spread mercy and peace, contributing to the betterment of society.
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