Registration is open for the 2023 Fall Session of New Muslims Class In-Person and Virtual

The class will cover guidelines for new Muslims in all aspects of life. New Muslim Guide handbook will be provided.

14-weekly sessions

Every Saturday @ 10:00 AM -12:00 PM Starting August 26, 2023

ISGH River Oaks Islamic Center (Main Center)
3110 Eastside St. Houston, TX 77098

Rehan M. Safiullah

This class is coordinated by New Muslims Circle, in collaboration with Islamic Society of Greater Houston (ISGH), Indonesian American Muslim Community (IAMC), Malaysian Islamic Study Group (MISG), and UH Muslim Student Association (UH MSA), and Rice University Muslim Student Association (RMSA)

Learn Islam From Anywhere

“Innad-deen yusrun” – Islam is simple.

We provide you a digital platform which can be access from everywhere by providing learning, social, and financial supports through study circle, mentorship, counseling and assistance.

What We Do

We help:

● Individuals, families
● Youth, MSA (Muslim Students Association)
● Brothers/sisters in needs (e.g. prison inmate)
● Interfaith

To know more about Islam.

Our Approach


assisted by mentors who share useful knowledge & experience


not partial that can cause misunderstanding


just right, not deviating to either extremes

Rahmatan Lil Alamin

producing Muslims who spread mercy and peace

Meet Austin, an Eastern Kentucky boy who is interested in Islam

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